CSS Zen Garden禅意花园中有这样一段话~

View source is a feature, not a bug. Thanks for your curiosity and   interest in participating!


Here are the submission guidelines for the new and improved csszengarden.com:


– CSS3? Of course! Prefix for ALL browsers where necessary.-CSS3?当然!必要时为所有浏览器添加前缀。
– go responsive; test your layout at multiple screen sizes.-快速响应;以多种屏幕大小测试布局。
– your browser testing baseline: IE9+, recent Chrome/Firefox/Safari, and iOS/Android-您的浏览器测试基准:ie9+、最新的chrome/firefox/safari和ios/android
– Graceful degradation is acceptable, and in fact highly encouraged.优雅降级是可以接受的,事实上非常鼓励。
– use classes for styling. Don’t use ids.使用类样式。不要使用id。
– web fonts are cool, just make sure you have a license to share the files. Hosted services that are applied via the CSS file (ie. Google Fonts) will work fine, but  most that require custom HTML won’t. TypeKit is supported, see the readme on this page for usage instructions: https://github.com/mezzoblue/csszengarden.com/


And a few tips on building your CSS file:


– use :first-child, :last-child and :nth-child to get at non-classed elements

-使用:first child、:last child和:nth child获取非类元素

– use ::before and ::after to create pseudo-elements for extra styling


– use multiple background images to apply as many as you need to any element


– use the Kellum Method for image replacement, if still needed. http://goo.gl/GXxdI



– don’t rely on the extra divs at the bottom. Use ::before and ::after instead. 




CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen Garden